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Air freight


Airfreight transportation is the most modern and efficient way of cargo transportation.

ONYX TRADE provides the following range of air transportation services:

– Delivery of cargoes from the supplier’s warehouse  to the nearest departure airport;

– The choice of the most convinient airport  depending on the needs of the client, direct air transportation arrangement;

– Consulting support and the preparation of the necessary export-import documents;

– Assistance in  the execution of customs documents;

– En route cargo insurence;

– Delivery to the Client’s warehouses.

In the airfreight ONYX TRADE guarantees:

  • Delivery of cargo from the client’s warehouse to our warehouse;
  •  Cargo delivery to the airport;
  •  Preparation of all the necessary documentation for freight transportation (including customs and insurance documents);
  •  If necessary, the  storage of the client’s cargo in a warehouse;
  •  Loading and unloading works;
  •  Cargos delivery in the shortest term, which is tens times as fast as ground  and water kinds of transport;
  •  Freight delivery to any area of the world. Our company’s prioritized area of activity is cargoes delivery  to  Ukraine.

The advantages of ONYX TRADE:

  • Reduction of cargoes sorting optimization expenses;
  • Compact arrangement of cargoes on the plane in relation to each other and their correct packing;
  • A more convinient delivery of large batches of goods.


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