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Shipment of consolidated cargo


If you need to deliver small or average quantities of goods, paying only for the space your freight takes up, the shipment of consolidated cargo will be the best solution. Onyx Trade consolidates goods in many warehouses in Europe, Asia and America.


Key benefits of shipment of consolidated cargo services are:

  • savings: costs are shared between all the consignors of the goods, there is no need to pay for individual delivery;
  • quick terms of delivery due to the regularity of shipments of consolidated cargoes;
  • a selection option of transport mode: delivery could be completed either by car or by sea, rail and air.


Delivery of consolidated goods has a clear sequencing of actions: first, they collect goods in a warehouse, then form consolidated car or container, arrange necessary documentation and after that goods are shipped and delivered to the consignees.

 Access to the services of an experienced and professional transport and logistics company guarantees successful implementation of all the described steps.


Benefits of Onyx Trade:

  • Selection of the optimal delivery system (dispatching and destination stations, route, point of border crossing, etc.)
  • assistance in selecting the most appropriate type of transportation taking into account the speed and price of delivery;
  • an option to send from almost anywhere in the world, due to wide partnership


Onyx Trade guarantees delivery of your cargo within the shortest possible timeframe, high level of logistics service and individual approach to each client.

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