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International transportation

The basis of our company's activity is the speed and efficiency in carrying out cargo transportation tasks

ONYX TRADE — это высококвалифицированная команда профессионалов, которые находятся в постоянном развитии и поиске возможностей повышения качества услуг в сфере логистики и международных грузоперевозок.


  • подготовку эффективного маршрута с максимальной минимизацией затрат;
  • оформление всех необходимых документов и договоренностей;
  • подбор специализированной упаковки, обеспечивающей доставку груза в целости и сохранности;
  • экономию вашего времени и средств за счет четко налаженной работы логистической схемы доставок;
  • решение всех организационных вопросов.

Types of transportation

  • Air freight
  • Auto transportation
  • Sea transportation
  • Railway carriage


Airfreight transportation is the most modern and efficient way of cargo transportation.

ONYX TRADE provides the following range of air transportation services:

– Delivery of cargoes from the supplier’s warehouse  to the nearest departure airport;

– The choice of the most convinient airport  depending on the needs of the client, direct air transportation arrangement;

– Consulting support and the preparation of the necessary export-import documents;

– Assistance in  the execution of customs documents;

– En route cargo insurence;

– Delivery to the Client’s warehouses.

In the airfreight ONYX TRADE guarantees:

  • Delivery of cargo from the client’s warehouse to our warehouse;
  •  Cargo delivery to the airport;
  •  Preparation of all the necessary documentation for freight transportation (including customs and insurance documents);
  •  If necessary, the  storage of the client’s cargo in a warehouse;
  •  Loading and unloading works;
  •  Cargos delivery in the shortest term, which is tens times as fast as ground  and water kinds of transport;
  •  Freight delivery to any area of the world. Our company’s prioritized area of activity is cargoes delivery  to  Ukraine.

The advantages of ONYX TRADE:

  • Reduction of cargoes sorting optimization expenses;
  • Compact arrangement of cargoes on the plane in relation to each other and their correct packing;
  • A more convinient delivery of large batches of goods.


International automobile truck hauling  services are the most convenient and economical type of ground freight transportation.

The following  services are included:

– Optimal delivery schemes establishment;

–  Terms and cost optimization;

– Full control over the transit cargo progess;

– Customs clearance services arrengement.

Our Partners are well-tried and reliable motor carriers only.

For truck hauling, ONYX TRADE guarantees:

  • A selection of the optimal route and vehicles, taking into account the weather conditions;
  • Delivery in the shortest time possible;
  • Preparation of all necessary documentation.

ONYX TRADE advantages:

  • Control throughout all the stages of transportation, video recording 24 hours a day;
  • Delivery speed, flexibility of the possible routes;
  • Delivery of cargo precisely at the destination “complete door to door”;
  • Full total of transportation costs for the given type of transport.


The international sea transportation of freights is one of the most popular areas in the world logistics. The advantage of sea transportation is a high load-carrying capacity, as well as low cost compared to other types of transport.

In the arrangement  of  international cargo transportations by sea we rely on the professional knowledge and the experience we  accumulated. We apply the proven connections with various transport structures, providing thus fulfilment of all the requirements and meeting the demands of our Clients with a high quality level.

Sea freight transportation services:

  • Container transportation:
    • 20′, 40′, 40′, 40′ “High Cube” containers
    • non-standard cargo transportation by special “Flat Rack” and “Open Top” containers
    • Less Than Container Load (LCL) shipments
  • Customs clearance of freight;
  • Truck hauling to and from seaports;
  • Cargo insurance.


One of the main directions of Onyx Trade activity is international sea transportations of groupage cargoes by various types of vessels. Driven by the presence of an extensive partner network, groupage cargoes consolidation occurs in many warehouses in Europe, Asia and America.

Cargoes transportation by sea with Onyx Trade is means a quality service and the shortest terms of groupage cargoes delivery for our Clients.

Rail transportation

Rail transportation is a budget way of cargo delivery, has the following advantages:

  • Shipping cost is relatively low compared to other delivery methods;
  • Delivery of oversized cargo, container delivery;
  • Rail transportation is a safe way to forwarding any shipments;
  • Customers positively estimate the optimal ratio of price and speed of delivery, which is why rail transportation is consistently popular.

ONYX TRADE guarantees:

  •  The choice of preferred vans depending on the freight: containers, gondolas, covered, universal platforms;
  •  Delivery of cargo taking into account features of products, conditions and wishes of the customer;
  •  Forwarding support of cargo at all stages of the way;

ONYX TRADE advantages:

  • The possibility of forvarding the good of small and average volume, charged for the occupied spase only.
  • Selection of the optimal delivery scheme (departure and destination stations taking into account the location of the customs post, border crossing point and other factors);
  • Door-to-door delivery using road transport for the delivery of goods warehouse-station/station-warehouse;


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